School Partner Based Programs


Research has found the Girls Inc. Experience makes a lasting difference in the lives of the girls we serve. And so, we are compelled to grow and bring Girls Inc. to more youth. That is why we have expanded our service delivery model to include school-based programming for both girls and boys around healthy sexuality, substance abuse prevention, and self-esteem building. In addition to the full Girls Inc. experience being offered at our center in Shelbyville, we have taken our programming that addresses the major issues our youth face today to both girls and boys in grades 5, 6, 7, and 8 in all Shelbyville, Shelby County, Greensburg, and Decatur County Schools. 


Our Informed and In Charge program (for students ages 12-14) allows students to learn to identify, establish, and cultivate healthy relationships through assertiveness and negotiation skills. Students will increase their understanding of sexuality, including ways to demonstrate respect, equity, and fairness. Students will also gain critical information and participate in opportunities to communicate about their bodies and their values around sexual decision-making. Throughout the program, students experience the power of a support system and build critical thinking skills for being sexually healthy.  We work to ensure that students have the skills, knowledge, and support to take charge of their sexual health and avoid risky sexual behavior.   

Students participate in 5 to 10 hours of healthy sexuality instruction where they are immersed in a safe and inclusive environment. Students are encouraged to ask questions and engage in interactive activities and discussions throughout the program.  They explore values, practice responses in different situations, and think about their future.  This helps students to identify ways and reasons to avoid early pregnancy and prevent sexually transmitted infections, including HIV.  


Informed Together is a program designed for students in 4th and 5th grade.  During this program, students learn the basics of puberty.  They learn proper hygiene and nutrition to keep their growing bodies healthy.  Students learn the medically correct names of their own reproductive systems and how they function. Students are also given a hygiene kit at the conclusion of the program.   


Too Good is a family of evidence-based programs written by prevention specialists to build awareness of healthy life skills and promote unity throughout schools. Students come together to take a stand against unhealthy behaviors and share their commitment to leading a healthy life. Skill development concepts built into the program promote positive attitudes and choices.  Too Good uses cooperative learning to give students the opportunity to have fun while participating in the program. Lessons include role-plays, in-class discussions, and games!   

If you have any questions or would like to know more about any of our school-based program offerings, please contact Girls Inc.’s Director of School Partnerships, Kayla Schmidt, at or 317-392-1190.  

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